Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management for Salesforce

Empowering True Front-To-Middle Office Transformation


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What's Inside?

Fenergo, the world’s No.1 CLM platform for sell-side banks and buy-side firms, has joined forces with Salesforce, the world’s No.1 CRM platform, to radically transform client onboarding and lifecycle management for financial services organizations.

Fenergo CLM for Salesforce enables true front-to-middle office transformation that delivers an excellent client experience – first time, every time.

With Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management for Salesforce®, financial institutions can:
  • Empower Connectivity For Consistent Client Onboarding Experience
  • Efficiently Perform Client Outreach
  • Expedite Client Onboarding & Improve Time To Revenue
  • Ensure A Great Client Experience
  • Deliver A 360º Client View
By facilitating a seamless journey from front-to-middle office operations, Fenergo Salesforce Application enables financial institutions to significantly speed up the time it takes to onboard new clients or products, allowing them to achieve faster time to revenue, resulting in greater client satisfaction.

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