Banking on the Cloud, Client Lifecycle Management

Fenergo Cloud Managed Services Enables IT Decision Makers To Improve Customer Experience, Productivity, Scalability and Cost Efficiencies.


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Financial services firms have traditionally been slow to adopt cloud technology owing to a perceived lack of data security and control. Building and maintaining in house systems was considered the safest way of protecting business-critical, sensitive data and applications.

This is rapidly changing in a world of digital transformation. Financial institutions are now beginning to enjoy the advantages of cloud-based services - predictability of spend, cost transparency, speed of implementation, scalability at their fingertips, high availability and disaster recovery - and all in a secure environment.

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management is now available in the cloud as a Managed Service, enabling you to reduce costs by accelerating implementation times, freeing up resources to empower you to provide more value-add services to your customers.

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About the Author

Laura has significant knowledge and experience in the areas of risk and compliance. Having worked with hedge, mutual and private equity products across multi-jurisdictional platforms, Laura has developed a strong competency in AML and regulatory compliance.