The Build or Buy Crossroads 
Five questions to ask yourself when evaluating CLM Technology

At Fenergo, we understand the challenges being faced by financial institutions

We work with leading financial institutions to devise, develop and deliver solutions that address these issues. We’ve encountered the buy vs build decision making process many times over the years.

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About the ROI Model:

Study by Chartis Research Demonstrates up to 704% ROI with Fenergo’s CLM Solution

The ROI model is based on detailed data sets, including interviews with Chief Operating Officers, Head of Project and Program Management Strategy, and Managing Directors of Risk and Compliance; and an extended survey of 500+ institutions, to validate and parameterize model variables. The report provides some indicative results, achieved by applying the model to Fenergo’s customer base, and gives a high-level view of the potential outcomes and cost impacts.

About Chartis:

Chartis Research is the leading provider of research and analysis on the global market and is solely focused on risk and compliance technology. Chartis’ goal is to support enterprises as they drive business performance through improved risk management, corporate governance and compliance, and to help clients make informed technology and business decisions by providing in-depth analysis and actionable advice on virtually all aspects of risk technology.

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Erik van Gelein Vitringa, Lead Product Owner KYC/Client Acceptance

In this video, Erik discusses how ABN AMRO works with Fenergo to address their KYC and digital transformation needs. Watch the full video and learn how this pioneering financial institution is delivering Digital KYC.

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Listen to how ABN Amro used one solution to fix all problems

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Using a Combination of Data Sets




Fenergo’s Own Domain Expertise


Survey of 500+ institutions


Fenergo’s Customer Base

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9 Types of Financial Institutions Interviewed:

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Large global bank with across-the-board capability. This represents a Tier 1 ‘universal’ bank with a presence in capital markets and retail banking, and a strong international presence

Global capital markets-oriented bank with a strong global lending arm. Hight complexity, international presence, high assets and a relatively large AML business unit.

Regional geographically circumscribed universal bank, excluding a brokerage unit. This example depicts an institution with a retail focus, primarily focused on a single region, yet with a relatively large financial footprint and AML business unit.

Global bank with private banking and asset management focus. Focused on a global, multinational investment and financial services institution that was implemented across a relatively limited number of areas (retail banking and markets operations).

Domestic universal bank. Representing a domestic implementation for a large retail bank.

Very large domestic corporate bank. This example shows an institution that is nearly the opposite of the domestic universal bank, as it represents a domestic corporate institution with a large number of assets and with broker-dealing capabilities, but with very few clients and a correspondingly small AML/KYC business unit.

Narrow bank. Representing an online money transfer and banking service, and the first hypothetical institution that is a ‘digital native.

Capital markets unit of a super-regional institution. This example represents a relatively small markets-based broker-dealer.

Challenger bank. The final example represents a ‘modern’ FinTech challenger bank.
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