Digital Client Orchestration

Delivering a truly digital customer journey, driven by Fenergo’s industry-leading Regulatory Rules Engine, re-inforced with industry data, accessed from any channel.


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What's Inside?

Customer experience is now the No. 1 battlefield for all financial services firms. However, client experiences and journeys are very often fragmented affairs, offering disparate and lengthy experiences.

Customers want a Fast, Efficient, Omni-Channel Financial Service Experience. They want to be able to interact on their mobile devices, across a range of browsers and platforms, and to have the flexibility to self-serve, without waiting for office hours or appointments.

Digitally transform the client experiences with Fenergo Digital Client Orchestration (DCO). 

Fenergo Digital Client Orchestration is built upon the core Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management building blocks including KYC compliance, AML screening, global derivatives reform rules, tax compliance, client risk assessment and client master data. It enables financial institutions to provide a single, connected client journey from initial interaction, from any digital channel, through to compliant client onboarding and lifecycle events.

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