Global AML/KYC/Sanctions Fines: 2008 - 2018
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$27 billion issued globally

  • $27 billion levied in fines against financial institutions for AML/KYC sanctions violations since 2008.

  • $11.52 billion levied in 2015 alone, the most punitive year for fines.

  • $8.9 billion was the highest fine ever issued (levied by the US DoJ against a French Bank in 2015).

  • $90 million is the average global fine issued.

  • Of all three fine types, fines for sanctions violations account for 73% of all violations in the US (by $).This differs from APAC and Europe where AML fines outweigh fines for sanctions violations.

  • The US has issued 91% of the total amount (by $) of fines globally, followed by the Netherlands (3%), Australia (2%) and UK (1.5%).

  • The US Department of Justice is the most active regulator when it comes to imposing financial penalties for non-compliance.

  • Europe recorded their highest regional fine of $900 million in 2018 against a Dutch bank.

  • The Nordics is the only region that fines their own domestic banks more than international banks. Majority of financial institutions get fined by international regulators rather than their own regulators.

  • The last 4 years in APAC has seen regulators flex their enforcement muscles with tougher penalties.

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