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Borderless Digital Compliance


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What's Inside?

Financial institutions have been forced to solve countless, simultaneous regulatory and compliance challenges. Many of these regulations come with conflicting requirements resulting in the increasing cost of compliance. Now, financial institutions are looking for a flexible, digital solution that streamlines compliance for immediate, evolving, and future requirements.
Fenergo Rules as a Service (RaaS) provides borderless digital compliance. It is a plug-and-play version of Fenergo’s award-winning Regulatory Rules Engine. RaaS seamlessly integrates into existing BPM (business process management) infrastructures, allowing financial institutions of all sizes to serve any number of regulatory jurisdictions, globally and locally.

Fenergo Rules as a Service features include:

  • Packaged KYC / CDD rulesets for 72 countries
  • API-enabled and hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Regulatory traceability and auditability
  • Periodic and ad-hoc rule updates
  • Seamless integration with existing digital Business Process Management (BPM) or Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) technology platforms
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